Off the Edge

December 15, 2009, 12:07 pm
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The day has hardly begun and i can already tell its going to be a lazy one. I should be studying for the final i have in 7 hours but instead I’ve spent the past hour in bed looking through Chadwick Tylers photography and reading interviews hes done for magazines etc, i know, its kind of creepy but im literally obsessed with his work.

Did you always aspire to shoot women?

I originally aspired to shoot small farm animals but that was just for sport. Anyways, women fascinate me. I know that is a cliché but I think for me it’s to a different level than most. It is an addiction. There is nothing I would rather be doing

What do you think of while shooting?

I try not to think. When I catch myself thinking I try to correct it. I have found that my best results come from instinct.
You’ve said in the past that if a girl is difficult you send her home… define difficult.

difficult = asshole = not cute = homeward bound.

I love this man.

Chadwick Tyler Talks ME Magazine. September 2008


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loving your blog. great photos xx

Comment by G.

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