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thought i saw an angel
July 29, 2009, 1:10 am
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its hard to even describe in words my undying love for this city. i have immense gratitude and don’t take for granted how fortunate i have been to have spent the past 19 years of my life in such an amazing place. i always talk about getting the hell out of here and moving to new york as soon as i have the money but really i have so much respect for this city, that in a way raised me, that i know when the time does come for me to spread my wings it’ll be hard to say bye. examining all the superficial bullshit that is this city i began to think that L.A. wouldn’t be L.A. without club hopping whores in stripper heels walking down hollywood blvd on saturday night on their way to kress rooftop, name dropping celebrities you saw at teddys on friday, disgustingly buff men leaving golds gym on cole and santa monica, yorkies in louis vuitton carriers, nothing but bentleys and g-wagons at the valet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 60 year old women wearing “BOTOX” tshirts shopping on montana ave in santa monica, douche bags speeding in beamers slowing down only in an attempt to get your number. L.A. is the clothes on my back, the sand between my toes…in my ears…in my purse…in the keyboard of my blackberry, cab rides to kirkwood and laurel canyon blvd just to sit on the porch at country mart and eat chips, amazing vintage everything, the constant traffic on PCH on the way to topanga and malibu, breakfast on la brea every sunday morning, random thrift stores with 25 cent sales on highland, sitting at insomnia on beverly drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes until 1am, the smoggy view of the hollywood sign everyday from my balcony, those rare clear days when you swear you can see every house in the hills, getting hit on by the homeless on the daily, cut off shorts, trash, lights, 70 degrees, music, fashion, life. i guess what im trying to say is, at the end of the night theres really nowhere else i’d rather be.

photos: thearabparrot


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very very well written almost makes me forget about the vain superficialities of this major city and come to stay for a visit, every place has a dark side but its those who can see the beauty that are triumphant.

Comment by kelsey

thank you thank you

Comment by offthedge

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