Off the Edge

i found
June 23, 2009, 11:34 am
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24287209I found white sheets in the morning light. I found dancing dreams on the edge of trains. I found softness and I found pain. I found your tears. I found his blood. Found empty rooms, flowered wall papers. I found cigarettes… lotta them. I found what was once… what’s about to be. The beat of life beneath your smiles. I found what was inside, what was deepest. Found laughs, sometimes. I found bleached trees and dark forests. Fiery freedoms, paths of tenderness. I found their absence. I found what was left. Wondering nights and hangovered days. Hurting truth and lazy summers. Tormented streets and dirty windows. Snowy walks and crazy shadows. I found tresures hidden in corners. Crumbs of lives. Skin memories. Pulses of love. I found escapes and a way home. I found you somewhere. I know I did...Clemence Poesy74786754Jalouse May 09//

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